Things To Look For When Buying a pair of LED Lights

LED grow lights are lightings widely used for the growth of flowers and other plants such as cannabis. Although these lights are perfect for growth regarding providing enough light and the right temperatures, it may be quite difficult to buy the perfect one for your garden especially if you are a first time user. So take your time before you select a LED light to use and also make sure that the light you choose has the following features. Also read this guide on how to find the top LED growing lights.

Things to look for when buying LED lights for growing cannabis.

The material.

It is important to pay attention to the materials used to construct the LED lights since you would need a device that is durable. A safe and durable LED light should be able to serve you for a long time without you having to buy another one or change its components. It should be suitable for use in all climatic changes without changing its original color or power.

The number of watts.

LED lights are designed in different sizes and watts for electricity consumption to ensure that they evenly distribute the light in your garden. Therefore, the bigger your garden is, the higher watts you will need to purchase. Therefore, buy a light that has enough watts for growing your marijuana. You can take the measurements of your farm and use them to buy the light that will be suitable for you.

The brand.

Don’t buy LED light from any brand as quality matters a lot. It is better to spend more money and purchase a quality device than to buy a cheap device that will not serve you and end up paying extra expense to replace it. So before you buy the light, do your research and get to know the best-LED brands to use.


The plants have a growing process that involves different stages with each stage requiring a particular level of heat output. You will need a led light that you can be able to adjust and change the degrees of heat disperse according to the plant’s needs. Also, ensure that the light has a fan to keep it cool and avoid overheating too.

3 Tips for the Not-So-Motivated Writer

creative writing class community writing

Set a word count.

It’s not enough to set two or more hours a day for your writing. You might not get a lot of things written if you depend on the number of hours. To make sure you can produce an acceptable, decent output per day, set a daily quota. Perhaps you can gradually increase the word count if you think you’re getting better too. However, it’s important not to be harsh on yourself. Don’t force yourself to write 4,000 words a day and end up compromising the quality of the write-up. But don’t be too easy as well!

word count 2800

If you know writing 1,000 per day is too comfortable, then set a daily quota of 1,500 or 2,000. The trick is to identify the number that’s too easy and too difficult for you to handle on a regular basis, then choose your daily quota between those figures. For instance, if 1,000 is too easy and 3,000 is too harsh, then go with 2,000 per day. Ensure that you can commit to that number and still end up with a great writing time.

Join a writing community.

creative writing class community writing

As a writer, you must’ve been one lonely soul! Though being alone is necessary, sometimes, a writing community could help you stay inspired. Other writers might even help you determine your best writing style or the genre you should be working on. They can also keep you motivated to keep writing when you feel lazy. Being part of a community can also boost your confidence. You’ll also have another family who can listen to your frustrations and can help you overcome writer’s block. Plus, it’s good to socialize once in a while you know! A writing community can also improve your skills especially since most of them include seminars, classes, workshops, online forums, critiques, and contests.

Date yourself.

coffee cup handListen to music. Spend some time with nature. Find inspiration while seated on the grass, watching the sun go down. Observe people. Watch birds. Immerse in the nature. Walk around the park. Take a sip of coffee.


Dating yourself can help you refresh your mind and forget all your troubles. Sometimes, the pressure of deadlines and the need to write can be difficult to absorb. When that time comes, when reading and writing becomes too exhausting, take a breather. Don’t worry; it won’t be harmful to you. Who knows? A timeout might be all you need to fire up your spirit.


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