Top Places to Visit for Literary Fans

Imagine following the footsteps of literary icons or writers whose books you spent a lot of sleepless nights devouring. Picture yourself marveling at stunning libraries and bookshops or doing a literary pub crawl. If you love books, reading, writing, and words you will find these UNESCO Cities of Literature a veritable haven for your literary soul.

Dublin, Ireland
Old Library of Trinity College
Why go: Home to famous writers and Nobel Prize for Literature laureates, literary attractions that include several statues of world-renowned writers like James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and more; literary pubs, spectacular bookshops, Writers Museum, Old Library of Trinity College (The Long Room, The Book of Kells, etc.),

Dunedin, New Zealand
Why go: A place steeped in oral histories and traditions, Octagon Writers’ Walk, literary culture

Edinburgh, Scotland
Why go: Literary tours, literaray pub crawls

Granada, Spain
Why go: Home to the Alhambra, El Centro Federico García Lorca, Festival Internacional de Poesía de Granada

Heidelberg, Germany
Why go: Heidelberg University Library, follow the footsteps of Mark Twain and other legends like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Max Weber, Friedrich Hegel, and more; Philosopher’s Way

Iowa, USA
Why go: University of Iowa Writers Workshop, bookstore scene, Book Festival, Literary Walk, literary-themed sculptures, a city associated with several Pulitzer Prize-winning authors

Krakow, Poland
Why go: Home to Polish Nobel Prize winners in literature, stunning libraries, bookshops, literary events

Melbourne, Australia
Why go: Literary festivals, book haunts, State Library and the Wheeler Centre, literary laneways

Norwich, England
Why go: Author readings, literary festivals, writers’ hub

Prague, Czech Republic
Why go: A city teeming with libraries, numerous bookstores, home to literary greats like Franz Kafka, poet Rainer Maria Rilke, Milan Kundera;
literary museums

Reykjavik, Iceland
Why go: Visit the places where the warriors of the Icelandic Sagas come from, Halldor Laxness Museum, Reykjavik International Literary Festival, International Festival of Children’s Literature, Reykjavik Culture Walks, bookstores, Reykjavik City Library

Books About Saws You Might Enjoy Reading


Contrary to popular belief, saws are more than just handy tools used for cutting down trees and carving wood sculptures.

Want to learn more about saws?

Here are some books about saws you might enjoy reading:

British Saws and Sawmakers from 1660 by Simon Barley

Ever wondered how saws were first invented? Who invented these? Where were these invented? For what purpose were these invented? All these and more can be found in Simon Barley’s British Saws and Sawmakers from 1660.

Southwest Scroll Saw Patterns by Patrick Spielman and Dan Kihl

Today, scroll saws are mostly used for cutting intricate curves and joints with great speed and accuracy. But did you know that these have been around since the early days of American Southwest people? What’s more, each of their scroll saw patterns has its own historical and cultural significance.

The Table Saw Book by Kelly Mehler

Kelly Mehler’s The Table Saw Book is not just about how a table saw is mostly used. The author is also a well-known professional wood worker. Meaning, every technique – including ripping, crosscutting, and handling large blocks of wood – he has acquired while using a table saw can be found in this book.

The Bandsaw Book by Lonnie Bird

The bandsaw is considered one of the most used woodworking tools due to its simple design. However, it was said that most guides on using bandsaws make things complicated instead. The Bandsaw Book by Lonnie Bird, another professional woodworker, simplifies everything you need to know about bandsaws.

Keeping the Cutting Edge: Setting and Sharpening Hand and Power Saws by Harold H. Payson

Ever wondered how saws are maintained for long-term use, as well as for surviving the next few generations? Harold H. Payson will show you how to maintain hand and power saws for more years of service in his book: Keeping the Cutting Edge: Setting and Sharpening Hand and Power Saws.

Indeed, there is a lot more to learn about saws. What’s more interesting is that, what we already know about these is not even half of the whole story. Thing is, there’s a completely different world out there when it comes to saws. The amazing world of saws has a rich history and a vibrant culture – not to mention, different kinds with each having its own historical and cultural significance.

And so, I hope these books can help you learn more about saws and the amazing world behind it.

P.S. Here’s a miter saw guide on Sawingpros to help you get started!

Tess Masters: The Health & Fitness Blogger You Should Learn More About


When it comes to health and fitness, there is no “one” expert. All one needs to have is a personal experience on being healthy and fit. Be it a cook or someone looking to get better from an illness, you can always count on these people for sound health and fitness advice.

Such people include today’s generation of health and fitness bloggers.

Here’s one of them:

Tess Masters, The Blender Girl (

Tess Masters is definitely one person you should learn more about. She is a well-known lifestyle personality, with years of experience in both acting and cooking. She has also published books about healthy food and drink recipes such as The Blender Girl, The Perfect Blend, and The Detox Dynamo Cleanse.

In her teenage years, she was diagnosed with Eipstein-Barr virus –one of the most common herpes viruses in the world that is characterized by symptoms such as sore throat, enlarged spleen, swollen liver, or swollen lymph nodes. This virus, however, is best known for causing infectious mononucleosis and some forms of cancer like Hodgkin’s lymphoma and nasopharyngeal cancer.

With that, her food diet has become more sensitive. She was advised to steer clear from gluten, dairy, and meaty food and to eat more plant-based and fish food. Even more so, she was gluten and lactose intolerant. Thus, she became more interested with health, fitness, and nutrition. She then proceeded to study nutritional science and took cooking classes to improve her food skills and knowledge.

Fast forward to her early twenties, she was inspired by “the power of whole foods.” And then she became a vegetarian and later on, a vegan. Further studying about other health and nutrition researches made her come up with The Blender Girl a few years later, which came from her love of healthy food and drinks that can be easily made with a blender like those found in reviews of Ninja blender.

According to her, blending is not just a means of preparing home-made food. It was also a representation of how she lives. All those years of studying and even maintaining her own health and fitness played a crucial part in her life, as well as her ideal work-life balance. She also added that while her approach isn’t ideal for some, it gives her joy when a recipe of hers is being shared to other people.

It’s also worth noting that Tess is also a highly sought-after speaker, presenter, and recipe developer – making her the perfect advertiser for some of the world’s leading food and other health and fitness-related brands such as KitchenAid, Massel Broths, Sprouts Market, So Delicious, Earthbound Farm, KitchenIQ, and more.

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Notes of an Avid Reader: The Joys and Perks of Reading


When was the last time you picked up a book and read for pleasure? Many people discover the joy of reading in childhood, but some seem to drop the habit as they grow old. Changing priorities, increasing responsibilities, and lack of time may be some of the reasons why many are no longer reading for pleasure as often as they used to. If you have not read a book it in a long while, now is a good time as any to rediscover the serenity and joy of reading. Here are some good reasons to read and enjoy the many benefits of reading apart from the simple pleasures it brings.

Broadens your knowledge. You could learn many things just by reading. You stumble on novel ideas or get introduced to interesting topics that could encourage you to learn more about them.

Exposes you to different cultures. Reading exposes you to different cultures you may not even be aware of. It enables you to learn more of diverse cultures and develop an understanding of the uniqueness of each one.

Improves concentration. Do you have problems concentrating, especially when doing tedious or time-consuming tasks? Consider reading as an opportunity to improve your concentration skills. Finishing a book or any reading material page by page is an exercise in attention and focus. You develop your ability to focus as you read more.

Lowers stress levels. Research indicates that reading for at least 30 minutes each day is one of the best ways to achieve relaxation. The next time you begin to feel overwhelmed by stress, pick up a book and enjoy reading even for just half an hour.

Makes you feel good. Apart from relaxing you, reading an awe-inspiring or moving story can make you feel good. So the next time you feel sad or frustrated, pick up an inspiring book that can motivate you and uplift your mood.

Promotes lifelong learning – Learning and reading are often interconnected. Cultivating the habit of reading encourages self-driven and continual pursuit of learning. It hones you ability to acknowledge and process new ideas or information.

Stokes your imagination. The joy of reading includes traveling to distant places from the comfort of your cozy nook. It sparks your creativity and imagination as you visualize the various places described in a book. You can even picture yourself in those places and perhaps find more inspirations to travel.

Widens your perspective. Do you often see things in black or white? Do you have trouble finding the middle ground? One of the good reasons to read is that it can widen your perspective. It gives you an opportunity to discover and explore different points of views.

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