Top Places to Visit for Literary Fans

Imagine following the footsteps of literary icons or writers whose books you spent a lot of sleepless nights devouring. Picture yourself marveling at stunning libraries and bookshops or doing a literary pub crawl. If you love books, reading, writing, and words you will find these UNESCO Cities of Literature a veritable haven for your literary soul.

Dublin, Ireland
Old Library of Trinity College
Why go: Home to famous writers and Nobel Prize for Literature laureates, literary attractions that include several statues of world-renowned writers like James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and more; literary pubs, spectacular bookshops, Writers Museum, Old Library of Trinity College (The Long Room, The Book of Kells, etc.),

Dunedin, New Zealand
Why go: A place steeped in oral histories and traditions, Octagon Writers’ Walk, literary culture

Edinburgh, Scotland
Why go: Literary tours, literaray pub crawls

Granada, Spain
Why go: Home to the Alhambra, El Centro Federico García Lorca, Festival Internacional de Poesía de Granada

Heidelberg, Germany
Why go: Heidelberg University Library, follow the footsteps of Mark Twain and other legends like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Max Weber, Friedrich Hegel, and more; Philosopher’s Way

Iowa, USA
Why go: University of Iowa Writers Workshop, bookstore scene, Book Festival, Literary Walk, literary-themed sculptures, a city associated with several Pulitzer Prize-winning authors

Krakow, Poland
Why go: Home to Polish Nobel Prize winners in literature, stunning libraries, bookshops, literary events

Melbourne, Australia
Why go: Literary festivals, book haunts, State Library and the Wheeler Centre, literary laneways

Norwich, England
Why go: Author readings, literary festivals, writers’ hub

Prague, Czech Republic
Why go: A city teeming with libraries, numerous bookstores, home to literary greats like Franz Kafka, poet Rainer Maria Rilke, Milan Kundera;
literary museums

Reykjavik, Iceland
Why go: Visit the places where the warriors of the Icelandic Sagas come from, Halldor Laxness Museum, Reykjavik International Literary Festival, International Festival of Children’s Literature, Reykjavik Culture Walks, bookstores, Reykjavik City Library

Things To Look For When Buying a pair of LED Lights

LED grow lights are lightings widely used for the growth of flowers and other plants such as cannabis. Although these lights are perfect for growth regarding providing enough light and the right temperatures, it may be quite difficult to buy the perfect one for your garden especially if you are a first time user. So take your time before you select a LED light to use and also make sure that the light you choose has the following features. Also read this guide on how to find the top LED growing lights.

Things to look for when buying LED lights for growing cannabis.

The material.

It is important to pay attention to the materials used to construct the LED lights since you would need a device that is durable. A safe and durable LED light should be able to serve you for a long time without you having to buy another one or change its components. It should be suitable for use in all climatic changes without changing its original color or power.

The number of watts.

LED lights are designed in different sizes and watts for electricity consumption to ensure that they evenly distribute the light in your garden. Therefore, the bigger your garden is, the higher watts you will need to purchase. Therefore, buy a light that has enough watts for growing your marijuana. You can take the measurements of your farm and use them to buy the light that will be suitable for you.

The brand.

Don’t buy LED light from any brand as quality matters a lot. It is better to spend more money and purchase a quality device than to buy a cheap device that will not serve you and end up paying extra expense to replace it. So before you buy the light, do your research and get to know the best-LED brands to use.


The plants have a growing process that involves different stages with each stage requiring a particular level of heat output. You will need a led light that you can be able to adjust and change the degrees of heat disperse according to the plant’s needs. Also, ensure that the light has a fan to keep it cool and avoid overheating too.

Tips on How to Improve Your Writing


Identify and stick to your purpose

Just like when you’re making bread, you also have to know what your goal is when you’re writing. Think of the pen (or keyboard) as your bread machine, what will you make out of it? A sweet poem? A persuasive essay? A narration? Everything should have a beginning. And for writing, it is knowing what and why you’re about to write. Identifying your purpose will prevent you from going off topic too.

Lady typingRemove unimportant words

Don’t confuse your readers with flowery words that are unnecessary. It’s better to be straightforward and clear. This means you have to avoid using gobbledygook as well, like writing “terminal inexactitude” for the simple word “lie.”

Stay away from clichés

Some familiar phrases have become clichés. Unless needed, better avoid these well-worn phrases such as “at the end of the day,” “for all intents and purposes,” “as a matter of fact,” etc. I’m not saying you don’t use them at all, just limit them, and if possible, rephrase them.

Use punctuations

Punctuations are essential pauses that add emotion and variety. They also set the pace. Don’t forget to use each punctuation correctly. However, that doesn’t mean you have to play by the rules. You can use punctuations to add music to your writing as it varies sentence length. Usually, short sentences depict tension while longer ones create suspense.


Limit the use of adverbs

Most amateur writers use too many adverbs. To avoid overusing them, look for one adjective that would describe the scenario or the person better. For instance:

She is very pretty VS. She is beautiful

The very blue sky mesmerized him VS. The azure sky mesmerized him

I was really scared VS. I was terrified

The second sentences had the same meaning with the first, only that they were shorter and more appealing.

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3 Jigsaw Projects for the Book Lover

Unique bookshelf

Get yourself a jigsaw from today and be amazed at how easy these projects are! Sure, they may look complicated, but with your power tool, you can create the most stunning objects for your reading needs.

Enough with the introduction, let’s get sawing!

  1. Lamp – Who says you can’t have a wooden lamp shaped the way you want? Whoever tells you there’s a limit to wooden lamps clearly do not have a jigsaw. Jigsaws make every form possible—no matter how hard it may sound. Don’t limit your imagination! Regardless of the extent of your weirdness, I’m confident the versatile jigsaw can cope up with it. So be optimistic, grab your jigsaw, and start working!
  2. Michigan Adirondack chairChair – Does your library chair look dull? You’ll need to replace that with a new, inspiring one! Besides, how can you read if you’re not seated properly? With the right tools, you can make an Adirondack chair that allows you to express yourself while you design and build it. Let the jigsaw be your woodworking partner, and I assure you, you’ll thank me for suggesting this project.
  3. Book Shelves – Of course, I haven’t forgotten the most loved project of a book lover! Having too many books can make it difficult for your existing book shelves, so why don’t you start making your own shelves? Instead of buying the usual, traditional ones, building racks with your jigsaw is much more entertaining and self-fulfilling. Besides, you can incorporate any design you want if you’ll DIY. With a flexible tool like a jigsaw, you can finally make book shelves perfectly tailored for your books.

Unique bookshelf

Tree branching book shelf

Using a jigsaw is a wise decision, my friend. Not only will your creativity be challenged, you’ll even save money! Don’t worry if you’re a beginner; this power tool is a great introduction to other saws and tools in the woodworking industry. Plus, using it won’t take much time because it cuts fast, allowing you to finish your project in a short period.

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Fueling Your Passion In Writing


Writing can be as daunting as solving a Math problem. But you know what? Writing can also be as delighting as finally solving a Math problem.

It’s the same as taking up a degree you are truly passionate about in college, even if there are challenges like failing badly that pulls you down. It’s also the same as getting a job you’ve always wanted to be in somewhere, even if there are challenges like moving away that holds you back.

That’s why, you need to fuel your passion in writing – not just doing it for the sake of being asked to do it, but doing it for the sake of being able to do it.


Here are some ways:

Read books.

If there’s one thing common about writers, it’s their love for books. Reading books is not just meant for someone to learn more about words. It’s also meant for someone to feel more, even changing one’s cold heart. It’s also meant for someone to experience more, even changing one’s whole life. That’s how books are for writers. And that’s how books can help writers. Read books and you will not just feel more and experience more. Read books and you will also have a change of heart and a change of life.

Look outside.

Being passionate about something is not just about seeing things in your perspective. It’s also about seeing things in others’ perspectives. Being passionate about something is not just about experiencing things the same way. It’s also about experiencing things in new ways. Look outside. What can you see? What do you think other people can see? How does it make you feel? How do you think it makes other people feel?

How do you feel about writing now? Are you more passionate than before? How do you fuel your passion in writing?

Share your thoughts with us below!

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Notes of an Avid Reader: The Joys and Perks of Reading


When was the last time you picked up a book and read for pleasure? Many people discover the joy of reading in childhood, but some seem to drop the habit as they grow old. Changing priorities, increasing responsibilities, and lack of time may be some of the reasons why many are no longer reading for pleasure as often as they used to. If you have not read a book it in a long while, now is a good time as any to rediscover the serenity and joy of reading. Here are some good reasons to read and enjoy the many benefits of reading apart from the simple pleasures it brings.

Broadens your knowledge. You could learn many things just by reading. You stumble on novel ideas or get introduced to interesting topics that could encourage you to learn more about them.

Exposes you to different cultures. Reading exposes you to different cultures you may not even be aware of. It enables you to learn more of diverse cultures and develop an understanding of the uniqueness of each one.

Improves concentration. Do you have problems concentrating, especially when doing tedious or time-consuming tasks? Consider reading as an opportunity to improve your concentration skills. Finishing a book or any reading material page by page is an exercise in attention and focus. You develop your ability to focus as you read more.

Lowers stress levels. Research indicates that reading for at least 30 minutes each day is one of the best ways to achieve relaxation. The next time you begin to feel overwhelmed by stress, pick up a book and enjoy reading even for just half an hour.

Makes you feel good. Apart from relaxing you, reading an awe-inspiring or moving story can make you feel good. So the next time you feel sad or frustrated, pick up an inspiring book that can motivate you and uplift your mood.

Promotes lifelong learning – Learning and reading are often interconnected. Cultivating the habit of reading encourages self-driven and continual pursuit of learning. It hones you ability to acknowledge and process new ideas or information.

Stokes your imagination. The joy of reading includes traveling to distant places from the comfort of your cozy nook. It sparks your creativity and imagination as you visualize the various places described in a book. You can even picture yourself in those places and perhaps find more inspirations to travel.

Widens your perspective. Do you often see things in black or white? Do you have trouble finding the middle ground? One of the good reasons to read is that it can widen your perspective. It gives you an opportunity to discover and explore different points of views.

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