Books About Saws You Might Enjoy Reading


Contrary to popular belief, saws are more than just handy tools used for cutting down trees and carving wood sculptures.

Want to learn more about saws?

Here are some books about saws you might enjoy reading:

British Saws and Sawmakers from 1660 by Simon Barley

Ever wondered how saws were first invented? Who invented these? Where were these invented? For what purpose were these invented? All these and more can be found in Simon Barley’s British Saws and Sawmakers from 1660.

Southwest Scroll Saw Patterns by Patrick Spielman and Dan Kihl

Today, scroll saws are mostly used for cutting intricate curves and joints with great speed and accuracy. But did you know that these have been around since the early days of American Southwest people? What’s more, each of their scroll saw patterns has its own historical and cultural significance.

The Table Saw Book by Kelly Mehler

Kelly Mehler’s The Table Saw Book is not just about how a table saw is mostly used. The author is also a well-known professional wood worker. Meaning, every technique – including ripping, crosscutting, and handling large blocks of wood – he has acquired while using a table saw can be found in this book.

The Bandsaw Book by Lonnie Bird

The bandsaw is considered one of the most used woodworking tools due to its simple design. However, it was said that most guides on using bandsaws make things complicated instead. The Bandsaw Book by Lonnie Bird, another professional woodworker, simplifies everything you need to know about bandsaws.

Keeping the Cutting Edge: Setting and Sharpening Hand and Power Saws by Harold H. Payson

Ever wondered how saws are maintained for long-term use, as well as for surviving the next few generations? Harold H. Payson will show you how to maintain hand and power saws for more years of service in his book: Keeping the Cutting Edge: Setting and Sharpening Hand and Power Saws.

Indeed, there is a lot more to learn about saws. What’s more interesting is that, what we already know about these is not even half of the whole story. Thing is, there’s a completely different world out there when it comes to saws. The amazing world of saws has a rich history and a vibrant culture – not to mention, different kinds with each having its own historical and cultural significance.

And so, I hope these books can help you learn more about saws and the amazing world behind it.

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