Top Places to Visit for Literary Fans

Imagine following the footsteps of literary icons or writers whose books you spent a lot of sleepless nights devouring. Picture yourself marveling at stunning libraries and bookshops or doing a literary pub crawl. If you love books, reading, writing, and words you will find these UNESCO Cities of Literature a veritable haven for your literary soul.

Dublin, Ireland
Old Library of Trinity College
Why go: Home to famous writers and Nobel Prize for Literature laureates, literary attractions that include several statues of world-renowned writers like James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and more; literary pubs, spectacular bookshops, Writers Museum, Old Library of Trinity College (The Long Room, The Book of Kells, etc.),

Dunedin, New Zealand
Why go: A place steeped in oral histories and traditions, Octagon Writers’ Walk, literary culture

Edinburgh, Scotland
Why go: Literary tours, literaray pub crawls

Granada, Spain
Why go: Home to the Alhambra, El Centro Federico García Lorca, Festival Internacional de Poesía de Granada

Heidelberg, Germany
Why go: Heidelberg University Library, follow the footsteps of Mark Twain and other legends like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Max Weber, Friedrich Hegel, and more; Philosopher’s Way

Iowa, USA
Why go: University of Iowa Writers Workshop, bookstore scene, Book Festival, Literary Walk, literary-themed sculptures, a city associated with several Pulitzer Prize-winning authors

Krakow, Poland
Why go: Home to Polish Nobel Prize winners in literature, stunning libraries, bookshops, literary events

Melbourne, Australia
Why go: Literary festivals, book haunts, State Library and the Wheeler Centre, literary laneways

Norwich, England
Why go: Author readings, literary festivals, writers’ hub

Prague, Czech Republic
Why go: A city teeming with libraries, numerous bookstores, home to literary greats like Franz Kafka, poet Rainer Maria Rilke, Milan Kundera;
literary museums

Reykjavik, Iceland
Why go: Visit the places where the warriors of the Icelandic Sagas come from, Halldor Laxness Museum, Reykjavik International Literary Festival, International Festival of Children’s Literature, Reykjavik Culture Walks, bookstores, Reykjavik City Library

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